Head of Product

Full-time, Milan, Italy

About Qadra

There is a large segment of the population which is underserved by the wealth management

industry: affluent people, typically people with investable assets between €50k and €5M, often busy families who lack time to do proper financial planning but who really would like to have a full tailored service, more digital, all in one place and that delivers protection for their capital while growing it without an excessive level of risk.

They are not well served by banks, for whom they are too small to be worth the more sophisticated but expensive services usually accessible by their large clients; hence ending up with standard products, high and hidden fees and often a lack of performance, especially during markets downturn.

They are not well served by existing robo advisors either, as those have been designed more for the masses and cannot address more complex needs. And typically package a standard investment strategy inside an app.


This is where Qadra comes in. We are building the next generation wealth management company, based on 3 core pillars:

  1. An Alpha generating approach, i.e active investment strategies that deliver a positive return even in times of downturn. We power them through proprietary AI-based algorithms that have been up managing real money for a number of years already.

  2. A user experience that is fully digital and smart but also empowers human wealth managers to onboard and manage clients if the clients wish to. Being digital but “human enabled” is important to establish trust with the customer base and to attract larger shares of their capital to us.

  3. A platform designed for scratch, fully scalable and open to the Fintech ecosystem of third-party services that could be plugged into the Qadra proposition.


The affluent segment is worth €11 Trillion in Europe and in the more emerging markets is expected to triple in size over the next 10 years. We have been extensively validating our value proposition and we have strong indicators that confirm we are doing the right things to capture this massive opportunity. We are starting from Italy, a country with €200 Billion in investable assets from affluent people and we aim at expanding quickly in other countries.

We are financially backed by large shoulder super-angels, who have also been investing their money through the algorithms empowering Qadra for long-time now. Having some of our clients as investors in the company is a further confirmation by itself about the strengths of what we are building.

Our team combines a strong mix of competencies and decades of experiences in both the

technology, the digital and the wealth management spaces, a group of people who have built and scaled businesses and companies before.


We have now achieved the first MVP stage and we are looking for building a skilled product team who will take the current proposition further. As such, we are looking for our first UX hire, a UX Lead who will strategise and design the next steps of our user experience, with an approach that will put the user at the centre.

What you will do

  • Own the Qadra products and platform strategy, roadmap and execution to attract, engage and serve thousands of new clients while enticing the best wealth managers to join us.

  • Deeply know the problems that are being tackled through research and regular interaction with customers and wealth managers; define and frame those problems for the team.

  • Drive the product development process via a fully agile, MVP-based approach, scoping solutions to problems to their smallest coherent state to ship to customers as early as possible.

  • Constantly evaluate if the designed solutions have solved the problem through quantitative and qualitative measures, both in beta’s and after full release.

  • Lead the product team, which will include UX, UI and other resources.

  • Work in close cooperation with the CTO and the development team to get the job done.

  • Keep the whole organisation up to speed with the product vision, direction and roadmap.

  • Regularly communicate with Qadra executives and Board to review the work and collect

  • feedback.

Your skills

  • 5+ years of proven solid experience on driving a digital product vision, strategy and development at scale in a B2C environment, either in a start-up or in a fast growing space.

  • Proven ability to constantly fine-tune the work to achieve the best product / market fit.

  • Obsessed with finding and resolving pain points and create value for the user.

  • Ability to lead from the front, including hiring, shaping, motivating, developing and managing a team.

  • Excellent decision-making for product requirements and prioritizations, based on thorough analysis of user feedback and deep-dive analytics.

  • Iterative approach to find solutions to challenges

  • A drive to get things done, no matter what.

  • Positive outlook and a total refusal to be defeated.

  • Strongly entrepreneurial with a positive can-do approach and the ability to hit the ground running. 

  • Exceptional communication skills with the ability to manage a wide variety of stakeholders with different backgrounds.

  • Educated to degree level. 

  • A fluent English both written and spoken.

Bonus points

  • Previous experience in the Fintech / Wealthtech space.

  • Experience with coding and understanding of the different challenges that can arise in different scenarios.